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Covid-19 in Madagascar – The Big Island registers 3 new deaths

The situation is deteriorating on the Big Island. Madagascar has just recorded 3 new deaths from the coronavirus, and has recorded nearly 200 new cases in two days.

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Three new registered deaths

The numbers keep going up. Three new cases of coronavirus have been recorded on the Big Island today. According to information given by Professor Vololontiana, it is a 52-year-old woman and two men aged 43 and 73, all diabetics. These three deaths are therefore added to the last two, which occurred two weeks ago.

42 new cases have also been identified by the Institut Pasteur de Madagascar (IPM) and the Charles Mérieux Center for Infectiology (CICM).

There are also 10 new healings.

So far, the Big Island has therefore recorded: 698 cases including 529 in treatment, 154 cures, 9 serious forms and 5 deaths, since the start of the epidemic.



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