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Covid-19 in Madagascar – Independence above all?

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President Andry Rajoelina had declared last Sunday on the national channel that the measures previously taken remain in force for the three regions. He specified that the sanctions will be stricter for recalcitrant parties. He also informed the Malagasy population about the creation of a Laboratory designed solely for Malagasy people and the creation of a pharmaceutical factory before the celebration of the 60th anniversary of Madagascar’s independence. Meanwhile, the number of cases continues to increase. A new death was recorded yesterday in the Province of Toamasina.

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Madagascar, an independent state!

In his speech, the Malagasy Head of State Andry Rajoelina clearly stated the country’s new strategy to revitalize the national economy during the health crisis caused by Covid-19. Faced with this, Madagascar must maintain an independent position and must not under any circumstances obey the instructions of the countries.

covid-19 à madagascar

Furthermore, he stressed that the decisions taken as of today will be in the interest of the Malagasy people. In particular, the setting up of a Madagascar Laboratory for its compatriots as well as the creation of a pharmaceutical factory before the celebration of the 60th anniversary of Madagascar’s independence.

« An independent state is characterized by its decision-making … From now on, Madagascar is open to any collaboration but it will not be at the command of anyone or any country, »AndryRajoelina, Malagasy Head of State, said.

What about the situation?

covid-19 à Madagascar
Profesor Hanta Vololontiana yesterday on the national channel TVM. cc: Book News Madagascar

Covid-19’s rate of spread in Madagascar has been accelerating for over a week now.

Indeed, Madagascar passed the 300-case mark last Sunday, and recorded its first death in Toamasina. It was a 57-year-old man who died in Toamasina, a member of the provincial health staff.

A new death also occurred last night in the same Province. It was Ryan Reyes, a Filipino expatriate employee of Ambatovy.

The latest official figures released yesterday by the Operational Command Center (OCC) Covid-19 showed that the Big Island has so far registered 322 cases, including 119 recoveries and 203 people under treatment.

Last Sunday, the President of Madagascar announced that he would maintain all the measures previously taken for the Analamanga, Haute-Matsiatra and Antsiranana regions. The Alaotra Mangoro region is added to those three regions. All movement in these regions is prohibited.

The entire population of Malagasy is required to consume Tambavy Covid-Organics in order to reduce the spread of Covid-19 and to respect all measures taken such as the wearing of masks, social distancing, etc.

According to his words, the penalties will be more severe for those who are recalcitrant. He also appealed to the awareness and self-control of every Malagasy citizen during this fight against Covid-19.

But are these measures sufficient? Is the consumption of Covid-Organics by the 25 million Malagasy people assured? Can we have confidence in everyone’s self-control, in order to overcome the spread of the virus and contain it before June 26th, Independence Day?

Written by Antigone&Tiasy

Translated by Antigone

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