Madagascar recorded its highest increase in cases this past weekend. The Big Island surpassed the 300-case mark today, and recorded its first death.

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First recorded death

covid-19 in madagascar
Professor Hanta Vololontiana on the national TVM channel, today. cc: Facebook

The situation is worsening in Madagascar. Two months after the appearance of the coronavirus in Madagascar, the first death was recorded. It is a 57-year-old man who died in Toamasina, as Professor Hanta Vololontiana said today on the national TVM channel. He was a member of the provincial health staff.

This first death comes about a month after the official launch of the traditional Covid-Organics remedy. This remedy was launched by the President of the Republic, Andry Rajoelina, on 21 April at IMRA Itaosy.

This remedy has been declared “curative”, and has shown a “promising trend”, as stated by Charles Andrianjara, Director General of IMRA.

Madagascar passes the 300-case mark

Still according to the announcements made by Professor Hanta Vololontiana today on the national TVM channel, in addition to this first death, 21 new cases have also been confirmed positive, bringing the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Madagascar to 304.

Among these 21 new cases, 6 are located in Toamasina, while 15 are located in Antananarivo. No cases have been cured. 190 patients are being treated, of which 2 present a severe form.

However, the Big Island has recorded 114 cases of cure since the beginning of the epidemic.

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