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No scam and no corruption

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These sentences I would like to shout today may be classic. Certainly, words that are said all the time. But these words relate that we have enough, that enough is enough. Recently, a few days ago, I was confronted with these two calamities.

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I was not the main victim, I will share the experiences of people who cannot read or write. Corruption, which is based on the objective of scamming the poor.

Unprecedented scams

Types of scams are very common in Madagascar. More practiced in the countryside, it also exists in the city. It also comes in different forms. The most frequent cases are at the administrative level, whether private or public. Most citizens are actually afraid to enter offices.

This weakness is taken advantage of by scammers who call themselves « intermediaries ». They are asking their victims for exorbitant sums of money. The latter, knowing nothing, accepted. They are afraid for the processing of their case.

corruption in Madagascar
Illustration picture. cc: Pixabay

Illiterate people are the ones who suffer most. They may have been able to sign papers that could harm themselves. Corruption also sometimes takes the form of a scam. Corrupters tell their victims that they will pay more if legal procedures are followed. Either they use this argument or they use threats.

The latter is the practice in suburban areas. Most of the inhabitants are farmers and do not know how to read or write well. The criminals come with sets of paper. They use threatening and constraining words. Their victims are then forced to complete their request to the letter. Those few days later when they realize they’ve been ripped off. Others do not even know until now that they have given money to scammers.

Let’s say no again

Let us never get tired of denouncing scammers and corrupters. Let’s not get tired of saying no. Fighting these calamities is not only for a world day. Every day in everyday life, let us dare to say no! The criminals are not tired despite the risks they take. The only risk we take in denouncing them is to make the world a better place. We think that an act doesn’t change much. But we forget that it is the small acts that add up to the big change.

If there is a scam or corruption due to lack of knowledge, let’s explore them. Let us increase the communication of administrative procedures. Let’s assist our entourages who don’t know how to read or write well, without ripping them off. Let us become their defenders! Let us be the image of the change we want to see.


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