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Claudia Raobelina, the winner of Blog4Dev, representative of Madagascar in the United States

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Last updated on août 8, 2019

« Writing is my contribution to the development of Madagascar ». This is the speech held by Claudia Raobelina to justify her participation. She won the first place in the national Blog4Dev contest organized by the World Bank.

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Claudia Raobelina, winner of the contest

Claudia Navalonirina Raobelina, 22, is a fourth year student in the construction and public works sector, at ESPA Vontovorona, and is also in her first year of studies in English at the University of Antananarivo.

This young woman received the first place in the writing contest entitled Blog4Dev, organized, this year 2018, by the World Bank. She will be the representative of the country in Washington, United States, during the international competition that will gather all the winners from each country and that will be held this 13 to 23 April in Washington DC.[amazon_link asins=’B078X52K33,234402753X,281163990X,2344027521′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’booknewsmada7-21′ marketplace=’FR’ link_id=’cba689fc-3ff0-11e8-91e1-3fbf277bc15e’]

Winning article

The column that Claudia presented at the contest is entitled « Madagascar a country of a thousand hopes, a country of a thousand Vulnerabilities ». That’s also the topic of this year’s Blog4Dev contest. She wrote this column in English, which was one of Claudia’s strengths, as few of the participants wrote in English.

Claudia Raobelina
The cover of the article co-written by Claudia Raobelina and Matthew Rindel, drawn by Claudia herself.
cc: Claudia

The article is talking about a project which aims to link Africa and Madagascar to the world, and to inform the world about Madagascar and Africa. Its goal is to attract compassion to readers to share in their tur.
This article is available at:

Claudia, a young person who dares to assert herself

Claudia is one of the young Malagasy to dare to assert her ideas.

« Writing is my contribution to the development of Madagascar. I write about what I observe on a daily basis because I would like everyone to realize how much what we consider « normal » is not, and that we need to make changes. « 

She is convinced that Malagasy youth must express and accept their opinions because they are the pillars and the « present » of the country. Claudia expresses herself by writing. She is passionate about drawing, literature and sociology. She loves to observe the various phenomena in society on a daily basis, which is why she accepted to become a columnist in the blog « Books News Madagascar ». Claudia also works for the African company « Sobantu Technologies ».

We have already developed many projects to develop Madagascar and to create, in each of us, patriotism, we want to share this with all the people of the earth ».


By winning, Claudia was able to realize one of her dreams. It’s a big step for her to reach her goal for the development of her country

During her stay of more than a week in the United States, Claudia will have many meetings and will always seek partnerships to help her in her path.

« In my opinion, everyone’s awareness is the path to development, and people often think only of themselves and their families, and they think that success is about having money by themselves. » Malagasy often entrusts their future to the hands of state leaders, yet it is the duty of every citizen to develop his country and surpass this egoism, this is the first important step towards It is essential to unite and help one another to rebuild the country because according to a Malagasy saying: « Ny tao-trano tsy efan’irery ay izay tsy mahay vodin-tsobika nahay fata-bary ».

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