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At Christmas, Santa Claus was in EPP Ivandry

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Last updated on décembre 24, 2017

Santa Claus went to EPP Ivandry on Saturday December 23rd. The EPP was indeed offered a library by the Rotaract Ivandry association, while its students were offered toys.

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A new library for EPP Ivandry

A Christmas present for EPP Ivandry. On Saturday, December 23, the Ivandry Public Primary School (EPP) was inaugurated its new library, offered by the Rotaract Ivandry association. An action in favor of the EPP following a discussion between the school leaders, including director Anna Andrianjelisoa, and officials at Rotaract Ivandry, to facilitate literacy among the students of this school.

epp ivandry
The inauguration of the library by the Rotaract Ivandry. Here, the President, Victoria Raharisaina, cut the ribbon.
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Indeed, there are currently 600 students in this school who still have difficulties in reading and writing. The existence of a library will facilitate the learning and assimilation of reading and writing in these young children.
According to Victoria Raharisaina, President of Rotaract Ivandry, the new library, housed in a previously isolated room in poor condition, was the result of two weeks of rehabilitation. A rehabilitation entirely carried out at the expense of the association, and in collaboration with partners.

The inauguration of the library took place last Saturday, in the presence of the director of the school, members of Rotaract Ivandry, and 13 students in this EPP who were also offered toys by the school association.

Christmas presents

In addition to the inauguration of the library, last Saturday was also the occasion to offer Christmas gifts to the 13 EPP Ivandry scholars by Rotaract.

« For more than five years, we have been offering scholarships to students at EPP Ivandry. These are students from the most disadvantaged families. We pay their school fees and offer all the training, even until the baccalaureate. However, there is a condition. If the pupil doubles, the scholarship is interrupted. This condition causes the child to make efforts to continue to get his scholarship every year, « said Victoria Raharisaina.

On the occasion of Christmas, the 13 students were each offered a gift that they themselves ordered from Santa Claus. According to the President’s explanations, each student wrote a letter in which he or she mentioned the gift she wanted for Christmas. The association then took charge of the purchase of these gifts. For Evinsa, 11, she dreamed of having « Snow Queen » dolls (pictured). A wish made for this 11-year-old girl who is part of the EPP Ivandry fellows.

epp ivandry
Evinsa, one of the Rotaract Ivandry scholar, was given « Snow Queen » dolls.
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The same actions were also carried out in Ambohijanaka and Andoharanofotsy, with two orphanages, always in the spirit of Christmas, as noted by the President of Rotaract Ivandry.


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