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Meanwhile in China… They are building

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In my previous column, I talked about productivity. I said that we should adopt NICTs and particularly social networks as communication tools and not as drugs to be used all day long. Indeed, while many Malagasy spend their time scrolling, laughing at silly memes, creating a senseless controversy about a singer’s outfit or discussing trivial things on Facebook…Yes, during this time, people go active to change the world.

On the other side of the planet, people are getting mobilized,  people are building! I am particularly referring to China which has been in the news a lot lately because of the coronavirus but especially with the gigantic hospital built in only 10 days. How did they do it? Could we dream, one day, of a similar construction speed in Madagascar?

The construction site of the hospital of Wuhan Huoshenshan cc: New China TV

Build a hospital in 10 days

The bet was made for the Chinese government. The colossal construction site of Wuhan Huoshenshan started on January 23rd was finished on time. The hospital opened its doors on Monday, February 3rd. Huoshenshan, meaning fire God mountain, was built to accommodate the infected patients of Wuhan city, the cradle of coronavirus. Built on 34000 m2, this hospital has a reception capacity of 1000 people in its more than 400 rooms, under the expert hands of 1400 military doctors. The site is connected to the 5G, which ensures fast telecommunications, notably allowing remote video diagnosis.   

The world cannot but be captivated by such an achievement, all the more so since current communication technologies have made it possible to broadcast live of the construction. If, like me, you couldn’t keep up the live streaming, you can admire the inhuman speed of the progress of the construction site through this time-lapse. 

This titanic construction was possible thanks to the use of prefabricated units and the permanent mobilization of 7500 workers. Although there has been much criticism and reticence regarding the safety and efficiency of the structure, Huoshenshan is an undisputed symbol of Chinese power. This gigantic facility demonstrates the exceptional mobilization force that China has at its disposal in response to the crisis. 

China’s construction record

Since the dawn of time, Chinese people have been construction enthusiasts and experts. Indeed, building a hospital in 10 days is not a first for China, it is just one feats among many others. Already in 2003, the Xiaotangshan hospital in Beijing, designed to accommodate patients with Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), was built in 7 days.

In 2015, the construction of a 57-floor skyscraper in Changsha in southern China in 19 days at a rate of 3 floors per day was also in the Guinness Book. The Middle Kingdom equally holds the record for the longest bridge in the world with the Danyang-Kunshan bridge measuring 164,8 kilometers. The longest seaport in the world, Haiwan Bridge, is also located in this country. With its 41,85 kilometers in length, the construction involved 10.000 workers and cost approximately $1.5 billion.

And let us not forget the most important, the symbolic monument of China, the Great Wall! It is the longest human construction in the world with its 6700 Km long. This impressive wall with a width of 5 to 7 m and a height of up to 17 m is the only construction visible to the naked eye from space.

The Great Wall of China cc: Pexels

Currently, the titanic project of the « New Silk Roads » initiated by Xi Jin Ping is being in operation. We are talking about sprawling connectivity including sea and rail links connecting China and Europe. Never seen before and I am sure we haven’t seen everything yet

What about the construction in Madagascar?

In Madagascar, the simple backfilling and development of Soamandrakizay, the 60-hectare plot of land planned to host the great mass at the arrival of the Pope Francis, took 5 months. The rehabilitation of the Mahamasina stadium renamed « Barea Stadium » is expected to be completed in June after 6 months of work. The presidential project for the construction of the new city of Tanamasoandro is encountering deadlocks…Meanwhile in China, they are still building and building and building.

Edited by : Ando Nantenaina

Translated by: Naval Louiva

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