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« Change Madagascar, find inspiration »

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The malagasy Team of Sobantu Technologies with Matthew Rindel on the extreme right.
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What is missing in Madagascar today is inspiration. At the conference « How Malagasy people will change the world, » last Friday, Matthew Rindel, founder of Sobantu Technologies, explained that it’s this lack of inspiration that hampers development.

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 Find inspiration, not aspiration

« How many of us know what is our purpose in life? And I’m not talking about getting married, having a « good job » … These are the goals we think we inspire to. These are aspirations. Inspiration is what we love, what we really want to do because we are looking for a result that will make us really satisfied and never stop. Passion leads us to inspiration”.

These are the words of Matthew Rindel, founder of the South African company Sobantu Technologies, last Friday afternoon, at the conference on the theme « How malagasy people will change the world« . A lecture given by Matthew Rindel and his team of young passionate Malagasy, who decided to go in search of this inspiration and realize the project of their dreams.

« The reason nothing moves in Madagascar is because nobody wants to get out of their comfort zone. Everyone feels good and no one wants to do anything that makes them feel less comfortable for real change, « said Matthew.

An affirmation reinforced by Josie and Antsa, two young Malagasy women who decided to go also in pursuit of their dream to build a new Madagascar.

Inspiration models

Josie and Antsa, two Malagasy girls, both under 25, have decided to help their fellow citizens. For this, they will undertake social action projects: one for the inhabitants of « La Réunion kely », and the other for women offenders in reintegration centers.

« I want to empower young juvenile in reformatory. To do this, I will teach these young women to weave raffia, to sew, so that they can later become financially self-sufficient and resume their lives where it has stopped, « said Antsa.

These women will also benefit from personal development training. It is this kind of inspiration that Malagasy must have. That everyone must adopt. And do not stop at the material things of life. Antsa, Josie, Matthew, are role models for the company. But they are not the only ones. Many young Malagasy are voluntary and evolutionary. Unfortunately, they are not supported enough by society. That’s why young people look for a way to promote themselves and their ideas abroad. Moreover, the problem of brain leakage is increasingly serious now. If these brave young Malagasy are not supported, they will go away to use their talents elsewhere! And this will be a loss for Madagascar!




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