appreciate yourself

Do not ask for more! Let’s appreciate what we have…

I saw a person driving today who said he would be happy if he had a yacht. Then I saw a guy on a bicycle who wanted to have the man’s car. After, a pedestrian lamenting to walk who wanted to have the bike. And a lady on a wheelchair envied the man walking. But finally, a hearse has passed. However, a dead person cannot ask for anything anymore.

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balance of 2018

Let’s make a complete balance of 2018!

Like a custom at every end of the year, the annual balance sheet mainly concerns accounting for most. We evaluate the receipts and the expenses and we stop there! Few people make a complete balance of a year. However, I assure you that it is not only the accounting that is to be reviewed when everything ends. Other points, often overlooked, can miss the start of the new year.

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We don’t want toys for Christmas!

“We don’t want toys for Christmas!” This is the assertion of many street children who still believe in the magic of Christmas. These children are eager for Christmas to come because it is during this time that many people sympathize with their spells. However, if most children dream of a new toy at Santa Claus’ coming, these children really want something else.

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vehivavy mahery

Mum, my “vehivavy mahery”

Everywhere, we can say that people have this thinking… A mother…She’s still considered as a weak person… Women are considered as weak persons… And I’m just wondering why we let those “WEAK PERSON” endures hard life… Why the nickname “FANAKA MALEMY” is not appreciated everyday but just in some occasion according to human desires….

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motivation for studies

You’re not motivated for studying anymore?  Do not talk too fast!

“BE MOTIVATED, DEARS ALL, STUDY! IF YOU GO TO SCHOOL, IT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE”. I know this word. We can see that everywhere… Also, we can hear that everyday… Everyone says it…. But who of those people had taken the time to explain the real meaning of it?? No one…. Or there is some person, just some, who are trying to explain why we said studying can change our life and also, it’s so important.

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