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Bright Top III – Epistolier wins with a speech about social medias

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The final of the third edition of the Bright Top competition took place on Saturday, October 26. Epistolier, a young rapper and also a fifth-grade law student, won with an inspired and inspiring speech about social medias.

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Epistolier wins

Epistolier, the winner of the Bright Top III competition. cc: Bright Top II/Facebook

Epistolier, 23 years old, a young rapper and also a fifth-grade law student, won the Bright Top III, a « motivational speech » contest organized by the NGO Skyline, which aims to give young malagasy a voice express themselves and communicate their development ideas, but also to promote the English language in the Big Island.

For this third edition which took place for the first time in Antananarivo, at the Tranompokonolona Analakely, if the previous two were held in Antsirabe, the competition was won by Steve Andriamasy or Epistolier, by his artist name. Focusing on the theme « The leader in me », Epistolier won over the jury and the public with an inspired and inspiring speech on social networks and the current effect they have on society and the community today.

With outstanding creativity, palpable dynamism and a passion for social media, Epistolier spoke of the challenges of social networks, their misdeeds on society, especially today’s youth, but also the benefits they can bring if we use them wisely.

« I chose this topic because there was a moment I was a victim of this social media mania. Being also in the field of music, people do not always support criticism. Individuals took my picture and posted it in a Facebook group. So this is a very personal topic for me, » he said.

The rhymes added a special charm to the young man’s speech, which won the $1,000 reserved for the winner of this competition.

« Likes don’t define how beautiful you are, so please, just be you!

It is ok to love in private, with people who don’t have no clue

Because relationships don’t need to be extravagant, they just need to be true. »

Part of Epistolary’s speech he posted on his Facebook page

Epistolier is a keen participant in French-language art competitions. However, it was the first time for him that he had participated in an English oratory competition.

« I don’t have a degree in English. I’m just like everyone else. I studied English for the last time when I was in grade school, » he says.

Yet the young man was able to seduce viewers through his speech.

A human adventure

For Steve, this contest was both an opportunity to be discovered, but also to discover himself.

During the final, emotions followed: joy, fear, fatigue…

« I also lacked sleep, » he says.

For the other participants, it was also a real human adventure. Natanaela, who came second in the competition, recounts his feelings.

“I am basically a very shy guy when it comes to expressing ideas although I always knew I wanted to share my thoughts about life/development/­personal empowerment etc so Bright Top was the perfect opportunity to do it. Yes it’s the first time competing for Bright Top », he said.

For this young man, the preparation for the competition was serious, both mentally, physically and emotionally.

Bright Top III
Natanaela, the second laureat of the competition, performed well on the stage. cc: Book News Madagascar

« Three weeks of constant stress especially for the finals where I only had two days to rehearse the speech (minus the time I had to sit for two exams at my university). But what helped is that I though about the topic since the beginning so it was easier for me. Apart from personal preparation, the coaching sessions provided by the judges were also really helpful and made us more professional speakers”, Natanaela continues.

Bright Top III, a landmark edition

The third edition of the Bright Top was a real success for the organizers and partners.

« We have targeted not only the Antananarivo population but the entire population of Madagascar. Many young people came from the Provinces to attend the coaching sessions. What most marked this edition was the massive participation of the partners and their trust in the NGO Skyline throughout the organization of the event. There were also many of them and much more than had been expected, » explained the organizers.

A next edition is planned for 2020, if there’s no change in the planning.

Bright Top III
The 10 finalists to the Bright Top III competition with the partners representatives. cc: Book News Madagascar


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