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Let’s make a complete balance of 2018!

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Like a custom at every end of the year, the annual balance sheet mainly concerns accounting for most. We evaluate the receipts and the expenses and we stop there! Few people make a complete balance of a year. However, I assure you that it is not only the accounting that is to be reviewed when everything ends. Other points, often overlooked, can miss the start of the new year.

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Uh … But what is a balance sheet first?
I will not advance a very scientific definition, promised! I’m just going to explain the basic principle. A balance sheet is a kind of evaluation carried out at the end of each period of activity. The most classic case is the one that the company draws up at the end of each year, it is the annual balance. To do this, the company conducts an analysis and evaluation of its achievements, especially financial, during the year. What are the revenues, expenses, profits?…
At home, Mom and Dad also draw up a balance sheet at the end of the year. As a business company, they take stock of the money earned and spent by the family.

balance of 2018
A complete balance should begin with self-reflection.
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The complete balance … What is it then?
Good question! A complete balance is not limited to the balance sheet accounting only.
A complete balance should begin with self-reflection. Given my personal goals, what did I accomplish? What did I fail to achieve? What were my strengths and weaknesses? In this way, deduce the areas of improvement for the future. A good individual balance to begin.

Subsequently, start the famous cards on the table, I would say a family assessment. Who was angry with whom? Why? Whose fault is it? ….. It is essential that everyone at home gets along well before the end of the year. This approach involves both parents and children, everyone must express themselves, apologize and forgive if there has been harm. A new beginning for everyone, in peace and joy, far from grudge.

Thinking about it, an opening balance sheet for 2019 would also be good. We will set a goal and make a list of things to accomplish for next year. A motivation for the whole family: « Aim for goals together ».
Come on, it’s time for me to let you write your balance sheet of this year. Believe me, the book titled « 2018 » requires a statement of everything written there. It is even certain that the content of some of its pages will be necessary to write the new book « 2019 »;)

T.Chichi TTS

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