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And if we try to avoid our bad habits…

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Last updated on juillet 16, 2019

Currently, it is very difficult to educate children. Perhaps because of globalization and technological developments that are only increasing. But the attitudes of our community complicate things even more. It is always said that children are the most vulnerable to words and practices.

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Yet we hear everywhere tons of « swear words », all kinds of insults, and with the greatest regret, our innocent children grow up in this world. Otherwise, most of the models our kids see in the streets are brawlers, drunk people, and teenagers holding hands and kissing each other.

This chronicle is a call, an awareness to eradicate these bad habits of society. At least ban these bad habits out of public places and the sight (and hearing) of children.

Let’s stop saying constantly swear words.

mauvaises habitudes
cc : Pixabay

First habit we should avoid! It is incredible to say habit when we talk about swearing. Indeed, everywhere people say dirty words for everything and nothing. Sometimes at home, when a child asks us « what do these words mean », we remain speechless and to close the discussion we just explain to them that it is wrong so they should never say that.

I am sure you agree with me if I say that there are many situations where we should not say swear words. Why do we constantly have to say these words when we just say a hello, the same thing to ask for something, or when we do something wrong or we are angry. The worst thing in history is that we always say it out loud. If we’re really obliged to mention these words, why not do it in silence (in our head for example J), ??or to say it only when it is sure that there are no children likely to hear us.

Stop fights and behaviour too much displaced

mauvaises habitudes
cc : Pixabay

Fighting with gestures in addition to words is not appropriate, whether it is outside in public place or at home (in front of children). I would like to raise awareness about this, and especially parents are invited not to fight in front of their kids, because it troubles them. The boys will think that one day they can raise their hands on their wife if their father can. Same thing for being completely drunk when you get home, if you do not want to moderate your alcohol consumption for your health, do it for your children who take you as a model.

Besides, loving in each other is good! I confirm it 100%. Kissing is not bad at allJ. However, kissing and cuddling for over an hour in a public place, in front of all types of audience, namely children, parents, nuns, … it’s really too much. Let us do what is necessary to keep our life totally private and not to dedicate a part to the public.

Know that two or three bad habits eradicated can improve the new generation we are about to train.


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