30th Regional Conference for Africa, Agriculture and Food Systems highlighted

The 30th Regional Conference for Africa officially started on 1 February 19 in Sudan. This year’s theme focuses on the sustainable development of agriculture and food systems in Africa.

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avortements à Madagascar

Nearly 575 deaths a year due to abortions in Madagascar

(1)In Madagascar, as in many African countries, abortion and all things related to sexual health and sexuality in itself, remain taboo subjects. Talking about it is still very difficult and people who dare to talk about it literally break the rules of society, which is very conservative in terms of taboos. And yet, it will break the rules, because abortion has become commonplace on the Big Island, and has become a dangerous and alarming fact of society.

(1) This article is the shortened version of the article by the same author: Tiasy, on Mondoblog RFI. Read the original article on http://tiasyraconte.mondoblog.org/2018/02/16/depenalization-of-subtitling-to-madagascar/


avortements à Madagascar

Près de 575 décès par an dus aux avortements à Madagascar

(1)Madagascar, comme dans beaucoup de pays de l’Afrique, l’avortement et tout ce qui concerne la santé sexuelle et la sexualité en elle-même, demeure des sujets tabous. En parler est encore très difficile. Et pourtant, l’avortement est devenu monnaie courante dans la Grande île, et est devenu un fait de société dangereux et alarmant.

(1)Cet article est la version raccourcie de l’article du même auteur : Tiasy, sur Mondoblog RFI. Lire l’article original sur http://tiasyraconte.mondoblog.org/2018/02/16/depenalisation-de-l-avortement-a-madagascar/ (more…)