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Do not ask for more! Let’s appreciate what we have…

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I saw a person driving today who said he would be happy if he had a yacht. Then I saw a guy on a bicycle who wanted to have the man’s car. After, a pedestrian lamenting to walk who wanted to have the bike. And a lady on a wheelchair envied the man walking. But finally, a hearse has passed. However, a dead person cannot ask for anything anymore.

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I wondered, if we appreciate what we are, believe me everything would be perfect. We have a life, only the dead must whine, they are unfortunately the only ones who have nothing more to appreciate.

Appreciate itself, in my opinion, is very easy to do. This term does not require the help of another person and does not require the intervention of anyone except yourself! The pronominal form marks it well. When you want to enjoy yourself, you just have to rely on what you have, that you evaluate your own value. But when you evaluate yourself, you will not look at what others have, nor compare your value with others. This is the condition to appraise.

appreciate what we have
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Appreciate what « you are », your size, your color, your eyes, … find the benefits of being like you. Do not force your body to endure diets, cosmetic surgeries to look like other supermodels and stars. In your way, your natural image, you are already your top models. Appreciate yourself and be your own model;) Same thing for material assets, do not seek to have what others have. Let’s be satisfied and grateful for what we have.

As we always say, it is when man will be at peace with himself, that he will be at peace with society.  The same thing, when man will come to appreciate what he has, it is from this moment that he will no longer think to steal, to envy and to destroy what others possess.

There are people who have never known the sight, did not even see the color of the sky. But who continues to live, to share smiles to others. You know why? They enjoy having the rest of their senses, they read from their hands, they feel the presence of someone through their ears…

T.Chichi TTS

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