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American Film Showcase Festival – 8 public high schools benefit from a documentary screening

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Last updated on mars 14, 2019

The American Film Showcase Festival lasted for this year a week. Organized by the US Embassy, ??it is an event that aims to promote American culture, but also to educate. For this edition of the Festival, a series of documentary screenings was produced at 8 public high schools in the capital.

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American Film Showcase: A series of documentary screenings in high schools

Eight public high schools in the Capital City benefited from a screening of documentaries produced by the American Film Showcase, the first American film diplomacy program, this week, as part of the American Film Showcase Festival. A festival organized by the United States Embassy in Madagascar.

The series of screenings was conducted over a week, as well as the duration of the festival, at the following high schools: High School Ampefiloha, Jules Ferry Faravohitra High School, Analamahitsy High School, Ambohimanarina High School, Ankadikely High School, Nanisana High School, Technical High School (LTP) Alarobia.

This is the first time that the American Film Showcase Festival incorporates broadcast in high schools in the event. The choice of screenings from high schools has been judiciously justified.

« We chose high schools because we target young people. We believe that they can grow, bring change. Moreover, the choice of films is in relation with this belief and this vision: perseverance, self-confidence, determination, courage, bravery … « , explained Lovamanitra Felantsoa, ??yesterday, during the film screening in the LTP Alarobia.

American Film Showcase Festivala
A screening has been done yesterday ath the LTP Alarobia. cc: Book News Madagascar

Indeed, the films broadcast transmit a lesson of life to young high school students. On the other hand, they affect a certain closeness to the viewer, because the facts unfold in real life and often tell the story of individuals facing difficult challenges to overcome.

Projected documentaries

During this American Film Showcase Festival, two documentaries were screened in high schools.

One, entitled « Landfill Harmonic », is a documentary produced by Graham Townsley and Brad Allgood, which tells the story of a man who sorted garbage cans, a music teacher and a band orchestra. children from underprivileged neighborhoods in Paraguay, who have been successful through the construction of musical instruments in garbage.

The other, titled « The Attaxian », produced by Kevin Schlanser, tells the story of a 17-year-old boy with Friedreich’s Ataxia Disease. It is an incurable disease that causes death. This young man loves sports. Once in a wheelchair, he wanted to realize his dream: to participate in the « Race Across America » ??competition (Raam), which is the most difficult bicycle race in the world. With three friends, including one from Ataxia, he competed and won.

Message to pass

After each screening, a debate takes place. Students can express their opinions about the films, the ideas conveyed.

For many students in the LTP yesterday, the message was clear.

« Even if we fail, we must always persevere in life, » said a student, if he was asked what he had retained from the film.

« When there is love and talent, we can accomplish whatever we want in life, » said another.

In addition to screenings in high schools, a projection was also made last Wednesday in the Cinepax multiplex, still organized by the US Embassy, ??for children living in disadvantaged neighborhoods.


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