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Ambondrona tries and dares, they launch their new perfume

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Last updated on juillet 28, 2021

Known as the most famous Malagasy pop rock band since the 2000s, the band Ambondrona is hanging a new star on their portfolio. At the band’s concert in La City Ivandry last Friday night, the band officially presented their perfume collection. This news surprised fans, but also observers in general, troubled, admiring, and for some, skeptical of this news.

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The new fragrance of the Ambondrona group

At Ambondrona‘s concert in La City Ivandry, the band introduced their new fragrances, which bear the same name as the band itself. A surprise for the fans, but also the observers in general, who were more than troubled but also admiring, and skeptical also for others.

However, the launch was marked with a white stone, combined with the concert promoting the new album: « Ho soa hatrany », the band’s seventh since their debut album « Tsy adala » in 2002.

Moreover, to anchor all this, all the perfumes produced have a name and a history because they carry important titles from their albums. Women’s fragrances are included in these four song titles, « Fito andro, » « Tontolo faharoa, » « Tena fitia », and « Eny sa tsia ». The next two are those for men, they are « Antso » and « Eo foana ».

These fragrances are currently on sale online and will be officially released on the local market on December 10, 2020. It should be noted that these products are manufactured 100% Vita Malagasy, in collaboration with Malagasy researchers.

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Tontolo faharoa, one of the new flagrance of the Ambondrona group. cc: Facebook

A warm reunion

The reunion with the Ambondrona group was spectacular. Fans as artists, both parties missed. Emotions, screams, tears, euphoria, the fans showed their joy and pleasure to see their favorite band on stage. A reunion, in small committees, in the standard of sanitary measures and sold out.

In addition, they were able to enjoy the presentation of the perfume, which was sold at promotional prices.

After La City Ivandry, the Ambondrona group will be at the Institut Français de Madagascar (IFM) Analakely on December 11 at 7 p.m. and December 13 at 4 p.m. There will also be two free concerts in Santillo Anosizato on December 18 and 19. These concert series are part of the promotion of the new album.

After these shows, the band in Beranto plans to crisscross the other major cities of the country.

The Ambondrona group has a great reputation in the field of art. They have always been a source of satisfaction for their fans and followers.

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