A new program has just been set up by the American Embassy for moviegoers: the American Film Showcase.

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The American Film Showcase in Madagascar

Honor to moviegoers and audiovisual enthusiasts. The American Film Showcase, a program dedicated to the broadcast of American films and documentaries produced by independent filmmakers or directors unrelated to Hollywood studios, has just been set up by the American Embassy.

This program involves the screening of 52 documentary films for two years. The films will be screened in different rooms such as the American Center or the cultural centers of the Capital, once a month.

Open to the public, free entrance, the documentaries will focus on the social issues and facts currently facing the United States, as well as the solutions to this.

Social inequalities

“The situation in the United States is the same as in Madagascar: there is a rich society living right next to a poor society. Social inequalities are almost similar, “said Marc Levin, an independent director.

For her part, Amy Scott, an independent filmmaker, also said that these projections aim to show the world and Madagascar that the United States is not perfect, and to highlight a universal truth: the existence of social inequalities.

American Film Showcase in Madagascar

Amy Scott (at the right), american filmmaker, held a workshop at the IKM Antsahavola, last Monday afternoon.
cc: Book News Madagascar

Amy Scott and Marc Levin

Among the films to be broadcast will be the films of these two renowned directors: Amy Scott and Marc Levin.

American Film Showcase in Madagascar

Denise Jobin Welch, (management officer in the US Embassy), Amy Scott and Marc Levin (from left to right), during the press conference, this morning, at the American Center Tanjombato.
cc: Book News Madagascar

Amy Scott is an independent director and senior correspondent for Marketplace, an American public radio. His story, Oyler, aired in several festivals in America and aired for the first time on television in 2016. This film traces the story of a school year in a US public school in Cincinnati, which wants to break the cycle of poverty and insecurity in the neighborhood by providing education more descent to neighborhood children

. Marc Levin is an independent director whose documentaries have received several awards in 35 years of career. His latest product, Class Divide, portrays the social inequities between the affluent residents of New York City and those who are poor. These two films will be part of the 52 films to be broadcast during the American Film Showcase. The next American film broadcast will take place in May.


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